Other than just having a SUPER Dope personality, she has her own style of flow that is unique with crazy lyrics. her talent is amazing and still growing. You can find her lighting up the stage in various Michigan clubs and around the nation. This Female Rap artist from Michigan shows you how to make an Real Album, Different styles, concepts and flows, creativity all the way through! You have your club bangers, your riding round and getting it bangers, everything you can imagine. Fun, hardcore, hype music!  ««“The Dope Spot” link»»

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“Money Money goes hard ma”
– yung knowledge


– twitter, JD

“RT @Blazetrak @STONEYOCEAN, at 3:58, that song is going hard! Good stuff!

– twitter, twitter

“WYCE programmers are headed to the ballot box to select the best Local and Regional Music of 2016! Winners will be announced at WYCE Jammie Awards XVIII, a fundraiser for community radio coming to The Intersection on Friday, February 10th. Stoney Ocean “Expo” Cd Nominated for Best Hip-hop Album of 2016.

– WYCE Jammie Awards XVIII, 88.1FM WYCE

Being a real lyricist is rare these days. Everyone says “I’ve got bars!”, but lets be honest only a handful of rappers nowadays are true with the wordplay. Stoney Ocean is a true lyricist and is here to prove that just because she is labeled by some as a “female emcee” doesn’t mean she doesn’t have bars.

Stoney Ocean at club 93.7 FM radio 8-1-show

Studio A⇔E  Producers, Artist and labels. What’s your favorite Studio Session song, with who?

Studio  Session:

A. Kanye West & P diddy 

     “I smoke,I drank” by Stoney Ocea

B.  Jay Z * Pharrell * Swiss Beats *       Timberland

     “Crazy” by Stoney Ocean 

C.   Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre

       “Sign language” by Stoney Ocean 

D.   JD & Bow wow

       “InSeCure” by Stoney Ocean 

E.  T.I. Grand Hustle 

      “Famous” by Stoney Ocean